I was born into a family of artists, my father was the  
designer Pierre Paulin, my great-uncle was the car  
designer Georges Paulin, my sister Dominique Paulin is a  
painter and the unobtrusive and accomplished artist of  
the family used to be my mother Lita Paulin. I manage a  
guesthouse in an old 18th century farm, near Houdan,  
west of Paris : that is how I became friends with Antoine  
Honoré who is one of my regular clients. Chatting over  
breakfast, he suggested that I should come and visit the  
firm he had acquired several years ago. The factory "CFT  
Industrie" works with metal and is right in the middle of  
the countryside  where I live. It produces, among other  
things, designer furniture. Knowing that I was the older  
son of the designer Pierre Paulin, Antoine Honoré asked  
me if I had ever drawn any furniture myself and if I had  
ever thought about it. When I visited the factory, I finally  
understood the meaning of those sentences. I found  
myself in a sort of dream, went down memory lane, and  
had a recollection of my childhood memories from  
Holland, from the workshops at the Gobelins and from  
many other places. I found myself saying that I should go  
ahead with such a project.
That very evening, I found drawing materials in a trunk  
and got down to work during the peaceful nights of  
January 2017. I haven’t stopped drawing since then, as if  
I had been swept away by an obvious passion.
A month later, I showed Antoine Honoré my first drafts, a  
dozen models representing, among other things, some  
characters. He offered to fund the project for a prototype.  
We achieved a first piece called “The Human Chair”, then  
a second one called “The Water Drop”, that was selected  
for the “To Gaether" Festival, art in all its forms at "Le  
Carreau du Temple" in Paris, 75003. I produced the first  
prototype for a project of metal characters called “The  
Servant” and also  a chair composed of sheet metal, cut  
to shape using a laser, that evokes the story of a woman  
and her thirteen lovers. At present, I am working on an  
floor lamp composed of stainless steel, that can also be  
used to dry strips of spiced meat. I waited until I was  
over sixty, seven years after the death of my father to  
finally decide on creating my own line of designer  
furniture. The project was launched as a self-production  
with "CFT Industrie" as a partner and manufacturer.
CFT industrie as well as SFAM and MDP are the leaders in  
the molding and assembling of wires, tubes and sheet  
metal. All of them are companies offering “made in  
France” products and managed by Antoine Honoré. They   
bring about synergies between different scopes of  
activities in order to produce a made-to-measure service.
The above companies have a very large scope of activities,  
stretching out from motor to medical, from industry to  
community furniture and of course to the production of  
designer furniture.
They have a socially aware reasoning and respect their  
partners and the environment.
It is in the "CFT Industrie" workshops that I put together  
my prototypes and I entrusted the production of my self-
created chairs to their care, within the context of a  
"CFT Industrie", located 65 km from Paris, has been  
opening its workshops to numerous designers for several  
years. The firm brings its skills in the field of research and  
development. One of its numerous qualitative approaches  
is committing themselves to respecting a time limit.
(+33 237 820 532)
Fabrice Paulin (the designer)