The "Human Chair' belongs to a design that can be called  
anthropomorphic. This first creation represents a man. I  
chose to make the character fine and elegant because a  
chair with a figure brings a striking presence into its  
environment. This chair brings a real presence to a room or  
a garden, just in the same vein as "The Servants" do. One  
can picture it at the terrace of a café, inside a fashion store,  
in the corner of a garden and of course around a dining room  
table. The bust was first designed to look like a serving  
pattern and was finally designed as a sculpture. It is an  
innovative and dynamic design chair, but on the other hand  
harmoniously classical due to the curvature of its lines.
The base of the chair is the extension of its bust and is an  
integral part of the character. The association of metal  
wires and a metal sheet ensures comfort without the  
necessity of adding a cushion. The chair is light, and gives  
an impression of flexibility. It is stackable.


Technical sheet
Dimensions: height 112 cm, length 55 cm, width 50 cm
Weight 8 kg. Seat distance 45 cm
Price : 345 € - To order