The original idea was to reproduce the shape of a water  
drop and to imagine that one could sit inside. Feeling  
surrounded and being able to observe the outside world  
is first and foremost a poetic idea.
The structure is composed of 8 mm large metal rods that  
provide solidity but also flexibility, giving a surprising  
and very pleasant impression. Each rod of the structure  
has been designed to look like many pencil strokes, as  
minimalistic as possible, which create the exterior.  
Wherever the "Water Drop" is installed, its uncluttered  
style brings a natural outstanding and stylized presence.  
This impression remains the same even when the "Water  
Drop" is occupied.
Once inside, one can sit down in different positions  
according to one’s size and the comfort sought. The light  
plays fast and loose with the strings and casts a play of  
shadows according to the lighting. A large cushion in  
foam covered with felt has been designed to measure.
The "Water Drop" is equipped with a kit to be able to  
hang it outside on a tree branch, inside on a beam or  
from the ceiling. Even though it is a large seat, the  
structure remains light and doesn’t weigh more than 12  
kg. It is easy to install. It is advisable to keep a distance  
of at least 35 cm between the floor and the bottom of the  
water drop.
Technical sheet
Dimensions: height 182 cm, width 97 cm (in its narrowest part 79 cm, which allows to pass a door 80 cm wide by
rotating it). Eight mm mild steel wire. Weight 12 kg. Outdoor epoxy painting. Several colors available. Load not to
be exceeded: 160 kg
Optional: Foam cushion and felt, 2 mm. Length 100 cm, width 50 cm, thickness about 4 cm
Prices: Goutte d’eau 1480 €, optional foam cushion 115 € - To order