The lamp can be used to dry spicy meat strips just like  
our ancestors used to do, since the beginning of  
humanity. The gentle and continuous heat of the light  
bulb, which is placed in a stoneware column, creates a  
stream of hot air which acts as the sun and the wind and  
allows the meat to dry. Their constant air movement  
gives the meat an excellent tasting quality. This lamp  
provides a multitude of possibilities to cook recipes from  
different countries in the world. Some of them are  
proposed below.
This culinary process is simple to carry out. It is very  
original and allows you to discover a whole range of  
delicious products you can offer to your guests. These  
new recipes will go very well with a good glass of wine.
This project was conceptualized and designed by Fabrice  
Paulin, the body of the lamp is made by Muriel Joubert, a  
ceramist who worked at the "Manufacture Nationale de  
Sèvres" for more than 30 years. The ancestral cooking  
lamp has been designed to be aesthetic and represent a  
high quality, hand crafted object of value. Of course, it  
also has the function of being a sandstone lamp with  
harmonious shape, in the color of a clear and semi-mat  
enamel. Each piece is numbered.
Technical sheet
Dimensions: height 50 cm, diameter 18 cm, weight 7 kg. Material: enamelled handmade stoneware. Six stainless
steel skewers. Electrical system: plug, cable, switch, screw socket are CE approved.
Price : 550 € (transportation fees: 25 €). Manufacturing time: 4 weeks. Order via Fabrice Paulin

Recipes (French text)