"The Servants" are metal characters oscillating  
between sculptures and designer objects. Their  
function is to populate your house or garden and to  
bring a presence inside your home. It is their duty to  
be very present and transparent at the same time.  
They are elegant and soothing. They can be given  
numerous functions. They can hold your objects, be  
decorated, but above all embellish a place. The  
metallic structure of "The Servants" is doubled, which  
gives them depth and changes one’s visual perception  
as soon as one moves around : they come to life.
Set down on a flat surface, they stand on a crossed  
base. Set down on soft earth or on the lawn, they  
remain standing using a metal rod. Placed in front of a  
window and dressed, they occupy the house and are  
above all a presence. For a diner party, they can  
present the menu. Covered with ribbons, they can  
brighten up the garden during a windy day and will  
attract the birds to land on their stretched hands. The  
first character presented today is a woman.
Technical sheet
Dimensions: height 173 cm, length 95 cm, width 6 cm (removable base 40x40 cm). Weight 8 kg. Outdoor epoxy
painting. Colors : black or golden
Price : 298 € - To order